Seeing God

In our daily lives seeing God can sometimes be fleeting.

When we are in our daily routine it can be so mechanical we forget to look up.

We forget to smell the roses. We forget to see God’s glory in everything around us. But when we are lucky enough to travel the great things we can miss become evident.

"but indeed, as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the LORD."

-Numbers 14:21

While traveling through Guatemala I noticed lush vegetation coating the land. Such diversity with seven different biomes. The volcanoes are hard to miss as well, 37 total. The ancient Mayan civilization ruling these lands long ago left ruins behind for us and a calendar, among other things to marvel at. All of these things God has created for you and me. For us to talk about with our friends, family and people we meet along the way, to take pictures of, to just marvel at and in the process give all the glory to Him. If he has created these wonders and placed us here at this exact time, why shouldn’t I give him all the glory?

We were in search of ice cream one night in Antigua. I was walking around with a couple of friends, Jerome and Claudette. Jerome is Italian so he’s big on gelato. He knew just the place to go and it was busy when we arrived. That’s always a good sign. After they ordered

and while I was taste testing it seemed like everyone left. A lady selling goods on the street came up to us. Her little daughter was behind her. I was at the register waiting to pay while Jerome and Claudette where talking to the lady and playing with her kid. When I rejoined the group Jerome bought the little girl and her mom an ice cream of their own. The expression on both of their faces is burned in my memory. They were both smiling from ear to ear. The kindness of Jerome and sheer happiness the mother and daughter expressed, now that is the glory of God. The people involved aren’t Christians but God has a strange way of using people to show his glory to people.

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