Look What They Did! : 8 ways to change 9 lives.

A woman lives on the Guatemalan hillside.

She has 6 kids and a 7th on the way.

Her 'pueblo,' or town, of Tejutla sits near the Mexican border.

This pueblo of Tejutla nestles into the mountainous San Marcos department.

The USA has 50 states, similarly

Guatemala has 22 'departamentos,' or departments.

In May of 2016 this hard-working mother did daily tasks in ways you might find extraordinary. She made a fire in the corner of her earth brick domicile, then cooked food over it. This beloved mom walked outside of her home a distance uphill to retrieve water, and downhill to relieve herself. Rain, torrential downpour or shine, she would wash clothes in a big metal bowl and dishes in a large plastic one.

Ten days before our team of Woodale youth arrived, the son of late Bethesda Church's Pastor Gomez discovered a crushing twist. Danny Gomez learned that the 3 year old of this home slipped on the mud steps of their home and fractured his leg! We arrived and the little guy was sitting in a plastic milk crate, lined with cardboard. He needed a cast, and the Woodale medical team provided it.

That's not all, more than a dozen 'chapines,' AKA Guatemaltecos, along with half a dozen Minnesota high schoolers, led by a recent Harvard graduate, helped this desperate situation.

Working together they came to construct an indoor oven with ventilation, carve steps, set concrete, make a roof, construct a footbridge, extend water pipes to the house and place a clothes/dish washer at the home.

The woman did not claim a church nor to love Jesus. When the tasks were completed and we were wrapping up the job at her house, the young mother asked Danny this question.

"Why have you come and done these things?"

Danny Gomez replied,

"Someone gave us a gift we didn't deserve,

now we are passing on that love we received."

Second Timothy 1:9 states,

"For God saved us and called us to live a holy life.

He did this, not because we deserved it,

but because that was his plan from

before the beginning of time--to

show us his grace through

Christ Jesus."

The Bible also says in Matt. 19:14,

"Let the children come to me.

Don't stop them!

For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those

who are like these children."

YAY Niños!

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