One Huge Deluge

Last year in Guate several of us had packed into a Mazda 4x4 returning from a trip to the Pacific coast. One monstrous storm cloud loomed over all the volcanoes welcoming us home to Guatemala City. (One of them, named the 'Fire Volcano' erupts in a similar fashion to Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings.) The highway we drove was clear up to the tollway and then, BAM!

Lightning crashed, wind pushed us off track and the water gushed so hard visibility was down to 20 feet. So much rain was falling on the road we were forced to slow from 55mph to 10mph. Most people were pulling over to wait out the storm and our entourage wondered,

“Should we do the same?”

Perplexed and edgy between a desire to press on and the lure to stop, I experienced a rich prayer time with the Creator of those clouds. Several times we were blinded by the splashes of oncoming vehicles. Upon arrival at my apartment and climbing out with white knuckles we were thankful to share the experience among good friends. Fast forward to March of this year…


Bewilderment, cloudiness, confusion and thankfulness have been emotions flushed through my heart recently. You see, I had come to the US for a dual purpose, attend the World Evangelization conference and obtain paperwork necessary to gaining a Guatemala resident visa.

The original travel plan was to be in the States for two weeks. One week I was to attend the event at my alma mater, Dallas Theological Seminary, and the second week I was to petition the US State and Federal bureaus of investigation for background checks that prove I’ve never had a criminal record.

Airline ticket in hand at 11pm on Monday, March 16, 2020 I was clear for return to my home in Guatemala then, BAM! The flight got canceled, I’m still in the US and President Alejandro Giammattei mandated a national closure that’s still in effect. This means the ministry we had been involved with slowed significantly. Several things hindered progress and we were forced to slow from what seemed like 55mph to 10mph.

Only planning for a short visit Stateside, I was caught off guard by the forced itinerary change. I feel cut off from the life I’ve known and have loved for the past four years. I feel confused how my freedom could be snatched away so quickly. I feel thankful to be with friends and family during this change of plans. I was hoping to write you with a beautiful cut and dry strategy about how this global plan changer works for God’s glory...

Friend, right now I can’t see how these events are working out for the good of those who love God (like it says in Romans 8:28), but I still believe they will.

I’m longing to determine His design through this deluge. To God be all glory!

Thankful He’s in the driver seat,



Friends in the Mazda truck bed.

The ‘Water Volcano’ on a clear day near the Escuintla toll road.


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