Final Days of this Earth

In Conrado de la Cruz, 12 students studied the last book of the Bible and were amazed.

Fredy, Hilde (pictured) and I had the pleasure of discussing several eschatological themes after tasty tamales. The energized singing of happy birthday to Hilde was led by Pastor Oscar, on guitar. Participants had a myriad of topics to discuss. We were delighted to explore some of the following questions in Revelation:

"What does it mean to be lukewarm?"

"Who is the white horse in Chapter 6?"

"When will the rapture occur?"

"Why is the number 666 significant?"

In the end (no pun intended) we came to a deeper realization of how Jesus Christ has won and is in control over everything.

Overwhelming joy and peace flow from our hearts remembering this time. We are so excited for future sessions.

Please continue to pray for the students and for us. We hope future Redil discipleship programs will take place. Also please prayer for funding to continue moving forward.

God is so good!

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