3 Ways to Serve the Body...

Hey! Have you ever thought, with all this free time lately, "I'm all rested and ready to serve Jesus!"

You're not alone in that statement and we've included 3 practical ways you can partner with grassroots movements to bring glory to God.

  1. Strike your city: No, not with "peaceful protests" that can turn violent, but with peace-filled living alongside at-risk youth. The urban atmosphere hungers for godly male role models to boldly step into the fullness of their strength. If that's you, come on! The strength God uses starts from Him and broadcasts for His glory. (Matt. 20)

  2. Help the Helpless: Enjoy standing beside people who have been dealt a raw deal? Come visit a prisoner with us. Come heal the sick on our boulevard. Join the fight to bring the Light. Jesus said, "‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’" (Matt. 25)

  3. Get Lost: "Not all who Wander are Lost." you've heard the phrase. Yet some are lost, and that's where we go to find them! It may not make any sense to sheep in the valley why their Shephard (AKA Pastor) would leave on a SAR mission to get one soul. Yet that's what's necessary "so that others may [truly] live." (Matt. 18)

In conclusion, you have a purpose for breathing today. You'll have a purpose for waking up tomorrow. Do you know what it is? God knows, discover the fullness of that mission and get in the business of doing that. If we can help, hit us up.

May God get ALL glory!

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