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Challenging a norm...

August 29, 2019


This has been on my heart for a while,

it’s time I share it with you.  As I write there's still the thought of,


"How will I communicate this 

emotion, thought and passion

in a way to build you up 

so we can love others well, together." 


Also, I’m trying to navigate my experience and inspire men to think about giving more than just $5, $10 or $20 bucks to a street person. 


The following story conveys what could be the consequences of a dear young lady trying to make ends meet...


Her eyes pierced my chest, as if a saber penetrated my inner parts.  Her colorful long dress had caught my attention as she walked in the boulevard.  Her child wrapped in an equally as colorful garment and strapped to her back held my attention when she extended her palm.  She sought quetzals, the currency used in Guate.  I had just left work at the SEPAL office and had what she asked for in my cup holder. 

Occasionally we empty our wallets, even our bank accounts, for those who ask, right? 

It would be easy to fulfill her simple request for a couple quetzals, right? 


Matt, my older brother, on the way to a game once gave a ballpark bratwurst to a street person.  The way my older sibling donated this overpriced extension of meat has had an impact for many years now. I’ve longed to follow his example of generous, cheerful and candid giving.  Plus, both grandpas formed a magnanimous culture among the family. 

“So have you given her the quetzal yet?”  That’s what Jesus would do, “give to God what is God’s,” right?


The cars that had been stopped in the boulevard now started moving again.  My driver’s side window was rolled down and the charitable effort would have been a breeze.  My gaze was locked on her, yet I did nothing.  I looked away with tearful eyes NOT because I didn’t see her. 

“Come on, did you hand it to her?  That’s leading by example, right?”


Money given on the street has happened and it will happen again.  But not this day.

I see an answer to her request, but today it’s not coming to her in the form of that beloved quetzal.


SEPAL exists to serve pastors and community leaders.  We seek godliness in all we do.  (Mt. 5:42+48; Lk6).  Through SEPAL’s framework we strive to see healthy masses of people working together to reach our world.

This was a failed opportunity to “be a cheerful giver” (II Cor. 9:6-7), or was it?


Our world needs more than a couple quetzales.  What would it look like to live today “as a living sacrifice” (Rom.12)?  What would it look like to do what Jesus called us…I mean the rich young ruler… to do when that solid young guy asked Jesus,

“Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mk.10:17)


Our world yearns for the children of God to live an all out, scandalous life for Him. 

Will we live it?


Con mucho cariño (With lots affection),


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August 29, 2019

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