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Rogue road grater leads to "driving the lane" in kid's basketball

May 31, 2017

A crunching sound and rolling thunder made me think the vehicle was totaled. 


Jumping up and sprinting outside we saw traffic building in the narrow street.  Lucky and her husband, Adolfo, followed closely behind to see the enormous Caterpillar tractor screech to a halt.


Alejandra and I had been practicing English inside the house when Lucky frantically rushed in to tell me and her daughter disturbing news about my truck.  The brief rest and cordial conversation had been a welcome change of pace after traveling six hours from the capital...


(story continues below the spotlights)

Spotlight on Hosts in Momostenango, Guatemala


Adolfo and Lucky faithfully fed me breakfast and lunch during the month in Momostenango (affectionately known as 'Momo').  They run a local office/school supply store.  Lucky, as well as Olga, stepped into an almost motherly role.  So, Lucky’s moment of vigil caregiving among the street mayhem that first day of May was an outward expression of her love and care. 


Olga and Joel hosted me in their home every night. Their three little ones continuously delighted and lifted my spirit.


Marlon E. who has been a faithful teacher, pastor and coach in the Totonicapan department, brought me alongside of him in his work.  Marlon and I have been on two Sports Ambassadors teams together.  We work in hopes of developing solid three dimensional athletes: physical, mental, and spiritual.  

Olga and Lucky’s attentive care was paralleled by nothing except Miguel’s mouthwatering dinners each night.  

Miguel, and his brother Angel, both heavily involved with the local basketball federation, are third generation operators of a small town equivalent to Panera Bread.  

The brothers along with their family, operate the bakery and coffee shop called Momostipan.  They compete to sell bread to nearly 130,000 citizens within the Momo mountain valley.

(story continued from above)


Back in the street it was 7pm when Señor Tiño, a contractor for the Municipalidad (or “Muni”), was ready to be off work and at home.  


His wife and daughter were even riding in the cab of his behemoth 40,000 pound road grader.  At just over 4,000 pounds, my Mazda BT-50 pickup truck could have been pulverized and neatly smeared into the voluptuous potholes in the narrow lanes. 

Señor Tiño glanced at the damage, then looked straight into my eyes.  


At that moment, he swiftly jumped out of the grader to address me face to face.  He seemed like a down home, hardworking guy who wanted to settle the matter swiftly.


After the brief conversation with Señor Tiño, Lucky escorted me to a part-time repairman who could help.  This repairman, Señor Alvaro, also happened to be the PE and basketball coach at the local high school.  When Coach Alvaro discovered our mission to develop 3-dimensional athletes, he enthusiastically invited me to join their practices!


Who would have thought?  The crunched outside mirror lead to a speedy local connection and fruitful time of basketball ministry.

Jaime L., Marlon E., Sports Ambassadors and the PlayBold organization will follow up serving the community.  Success would be to assist the local church in development of bright futures for the youngsters.



Colossians 3,

"Work willingly at whatever you do,

as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."

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